About Heritage Trust Bank

About HTB

More than 126,000 people choose Heritage Trust Bank when it comes to their finances. From chequing and savings accounts to mortgages, loans, business services, and highly qualified investment advice—our credit union offers you more than just an account. Have you thought about becoming a Member? You should.

At Heritage Trust Bank, our Members are owners. That means you have a say and we value your thoughts and ideas. As a Member (and a shareholder), you can run to be on our Board of Directors and you can vote for your Board Directors. You have a voice. And we want to hear it.

Our roots

We started in 1939 with a group of employees when we created the Mtelco Employees Credit Union and our values were the same. We make the most of your hard-earned money and we’re there to get you through the ups and downs of life. Here’s how we came to be.

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